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Caribbean Forming Systems Inc., stems from the need that was in the market for a rental scaffolding and formwork company, in which the contractor would feel confident that he serve 100% of the material, and when that project ended his material use was counted and inventoried in project, thus avoiding any doubt whether the material was lost in the project, or on your way to the supplier. Currently this service is offered only Caribbean Forming Systems, and thus preventing the contractor to pay exorbitant amount of money for possible equipment lost that occurs in projects. Caribbean Forming Systems has been given the task of educating the customer, creating billing within a continuous inventory system for the customer to monitor his team thru monthly rent.

Other services offered by Caribbean Forming System, is to design all types of scaffolding and formwork according to the one you need to apply to the project. Not only is designed to take the contract, but finding the best solution to the equipment to be used, and if we don’t have it in inventory, find who has it and establish the mechanism to meet the team from the U.S., Europe or China. We are the only ones who offer this services since other companies are representative of established firms that may not have the right product for the project.

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